Spectrasonics Introduces ‘Flow Capture’ For Omnisphere, Keyscape & Trilian Standalone

Spectrasonics has introduced a new feature for its Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trilian software synths, Flow Capture, that promises to help you capture musical inspiration when you’re “in the flow”.

In the above video, founder Eric Persing demonstrates the new feature, which makes it easy to grab spontaneous musical moments from these software instruments as audio, MIDI and sound formats simultaneously.

“As much as we all love spontaneously exploring new musical ideas, you can often lose that magic of inspiration by having to go through the technical processes needed to set up to record it,” says Persing. “With Flow Capture, we created a feature that gives Spectrasonics users the shortest path from inspiration to recording. This new feature is the fastest way to record an idea with your Spectrasonics instruments and we are thrilled to offer this useful tool as a free update to all current Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trilian users.”

Best of all, it’s a free update for all Keyscape, Trilian and Omnisphere 2 users.

Standalone Flow Capture Update Special Features:

  • Simultaneous recording of Audio, MIDI and Sound Settings
  • Sound settings files include all sound modifications, including imported user audio
  • Autonaming and timestamping of files
  • Tempo control with adjustable Metronome
  • Tap Tempo can be MIDI Learned (footswitch, CCs, etc) for live performance synchronization

Pricing and Availability:

Flow Capture is available now as a free update for all Keyscape, Trilian and Omnisphere 2 users via the Smart Update system. Current users can simply use the “Get Updates” feature on your instrument’s splash page.

8 thoughts on “Spectrasonics Introduces ‘Flow Capture’ For Omnisphere, Keyscape & Trilian Standalone

  1. I guess its nice to have but you can just hit record on your DAW. That’s easier as you don’t have to import the files and have copies of them. Not sure I get the use case of this for someone using a DAW.

  2. I have to say, the Spectrasonics folks, they really know how to treat their customers. They continue to look for ways to improve their products and bring more value and use to their user base. I sometimes overlook Omnisphere because I have other, newer, also very capable synths but everytime I come back and use it, it keeps surprising me at just how much power and capability is packed into this synth. While I don’t use standalone instances of vsti’s so I wouldn’t use this functionality, good on them for doing this.

  3. People keep comparing this to the “retrospective record” feature that’s been in many DAWs for years now. But that’s not what this feature is. This isn’t a feature of the plugin version of Omnisphere, it’s a feature of the standalone version. So your DAW’s awesome retrospective record won’t do any good in this situation, because this is for when you’re using *outside* of your DAW.

    Crazy as it sounds, some people run things like Omnisphere and HALion in standalone sometimes. If you’re running it that way and you happen to tweak a sound just right and come up with a cool riff, traditionally you’d need to now save your cool tweaked sound as a new preset, close out of standalone mode, open your DAW, add Omnisphere to a track, find the preset you just saved, arm recording, and play your cool riff again. Sometimes all those extra steps will cause you to lose your inspiration and you’ll forget your cool riff. This feature attempts to resolve that by saving the current state of Omnisphere (without creating a preset), and then creating a MIDI file of whatever your cool riff is, and bundling it altogether in a folder so that later you can pull everything back up in your DAW just as it was when you made the cool riff.

    I don’t even own Omnisphere and I’m able to see how this works and what the benefits are. But I keep seeing people talking about their DAWs and retrospective record (available in nearly every DAW btw — some are still catching up, but Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, and Bitwig have all have it for quite some time)

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