Akai Pro Intros Minimoog-Inspired Mini D Synthesizer For MPC & Force

Akai Pro has introduced Mini D – a Minimoog-inspired software synth for the MPC & FORCE.

They say that the Mini D offers the classic Minimoog sound, but with updated features, modern capabilities and 300 presets.


  • 4 Voice Poly Synth based on the classic American synthesizer legend
  • Painstakingly modeled oscillator section includes 8 authentic oscillator waveforms Multiple LFO shapes with 19 selections including ramps, sine, square, triangle, random, and steps
  • Over 400 Presets ranging from Basses, Leads, Percussion, and Synth FX
  • Two filters included- “Ladder” and “Modern” with Cutoff, Reso, Contour, and a dedicated feedback path
  • Built-in creative effects chain including EQ, Chorus, and Delay

Audio Demo:

Note: Requires FORCE 3.2 or MPC 2.11.6 firmware update

Pricing and Availability

Mini D is available now with an intro price of $79 USD.

21 thoughts on “Akai Pro Intros Minimoog-Inspired Mini D Synthesizer For MPC & Force

    1. Force and MPCs come with plenty of knobs that are automatically assigned to synth parameters, so there’s not really a need to tweak anything with the touchscreen.

    2. On the bright side, I’m glad it’s there. The MPC screens are more responsive than most and there are the Q-link knobs. Most devices have a single set of 4 and a bank switch, but the X has 16. The Force splits the difference and has 8 with the OLED screens. I think in this context, it’s workable.

  1. Another Mini D is kind of MiniMeh. The real news is the release of FORCE 3.2 firmware. Saying that, I have no problem with Akai making paid plug-ins for the MPC/FORCE platform(s). I hope the approach does well for them economically so they continue to advance the FORCE in particular.

  2. …. there just aren’t enough hardware and software minimoog clones, we need more that sound exactly the same and have the same limited minomoog palate. SAID NOBODY.

  3. Since I’m NI Kontrol S 49 MK1, I wish for NI releasing the new, updated Kontrol S keyboard with the same capabilities. Machine + has…
    Looks like Akai beat NI….

  4. Bought it, sounds really good. Yup, another clone but the best part is that it’s a clone in the MPC ecosystem. Sequencing, automation, portable, tons of effects, resampling, etc. Forgot to mention, it sounds good and is polyphonic. All that matters! Not an ipad app thats touchscreen only and needs a convoluted (but good) app to route FX and midi sequencing. Just a portable great sounding classic synth.

  5. Can we please move on as a music community/industry? Is there not enough replicas of stuff from 50 years ago yet? Visual technology has done incredible leaps since the 1970, this vintage trend is just making our journey take longer…

    1. Are you in a rush? If you want mind-bending digital sounding synths, they’re already available. They’re just not fashionable yet. That’s a completely different discussion.

    2. And how about the piano, right??

      jk 🙂 I think complex, classic sounds have a way of embedding themselves in our collective consciousness and standing the test of time as a result. Doesn’t mean we can’t also embrace new sounds too!

  6. The synth world is pretty complex, so I’m sure people learn it at varying paces. I get tired of so many re-re-releases of the same old gear too, but today’s starry-eyed soft-Moog dabbler is tomorrow’s Hydrasynth buyer. I’d love to see that touch strip become fashionable.

  7. A cool addition to Akai’s product lines! The MPC One is incredible value and comes with several synths already. I like that i can expand its capabilities further. The Mini D is not mind blowingly innovative but it’ll bring another synth to MPC / Force owners. I hope this will bring enough money for Akai to continue support for their products for a long time.

  8. Sounds terrible compared to Model D for the ipad. I want regular plugins to work, not some offbrand Akai compromises. Oh they run on a phone processor from five years ago so that would never work.

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