A Tour Of WMD Devices’ Factory Before It Closes

Producer Dojo shared this video, featuring a video tour of the WMD Devices factory, filmed before it shuts down permanently.

The video features host ill.Gates getting a tour of the factory from WMD’s Alex ‘Nasty Nachos’ Anderson, along with a demonstration of how they manufacturer Eurorack modules.

WMD announced earlier in the year that they will be closing at the end of 2022, because they can’t get the parts they need to make synth modules. This has made it impossible for them manufacture enough modules to cover their overhead.

Video Summary:

“WMD Devices manufactures AMAZING euro rack modules and sadly they are closing down because of the semiconductor shortage and supply chain issues.

While ill.Gates was in Denver for EP Bootcamp he got a chance to tour the facility with @alx-1069 from @WMDevices and learn how eurorack modules are made and manufactured.”

8 thoughts on “A Tour Of WMD Devices’ Factory Before It Closes

  1. Unlikely but I would love them to open source their designs or sell them to another builder, especially the Geiger Counter Pro because its really sad that such a unique pedal is now gone.

    Even better is for them to resurrect in a near future.

    Either way thank you WMD for all the good times!

  2. When you’re buying synths from small companies like WMD, the money is going to people like this.. super creative and resourceful, hiring other homies and teaching them skills that will stay with them for life.

    I met a few of these guys at NAMM a few years ago and they were solid people and obviously lived for eurorack music and synths.

  3. That is some serious investment in equipment and real estate for a small company. Let alone labor. I can see why they needed volume to sustain this operation. great modules!

    1. They used to manufacturer modules for lots of small Euro companies, not just WMD-branded stuff. I’m guessing that business went away because of the supply-chain issues, too.

  4. I used to work for a contract manufacturer, making circuit boards for various customers. The entire electronics industry got hit HARD with semiconductor and parts shortages, and WMD is no exception. I would like to see them and their designs around for eternity (I know this is an impossible task but one can dream 😉 ) especially when the electronics shortages ease and stop being a concern for manufacturers.

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