‘Killing Me Softly’ Arranged For A Quartet Of Seaboard RISE Instruments

This video, via ROLI, features an arrangement of Killing Me Softly for a quartet of Seaboard RISE 2 instruments, and a showcase of the instrument’s expressive capabilities.

Sam Gutman performs a Seaboard RISE arrangement of the iconic 1996 hip-hop track, Killing Me Softly (based on the original Roberta Flack classic from 1972). Gutman has toured extensively with Ms. Lauryn Hill in the Lauryn Hill Orchestra.

10 thoughts on “‘Killing Me Softly’ Arranged For A Quartet Of Seaboard RISE Instruments

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  2. The second half is much better than the first half. It doesn’t seem that the channel pressure range is very high on the seaboard. The performance lacked the kind of dynamics that it called for. I imagine an arrangement performed on the Osmose would allow for those dynamics and sound less stiff.

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