Spooky Sounds From Unusual Instruments

This video captures a live performance by the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble at the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet’s 2023 Halloween Synth Concert.

The trio performed Interdimensional Breach at event, held at the Junkyard Social Club in Boulder. It features spooky sounds on some unusual instruments.

Members of the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble include:

  • Thomas Lundy on Copper Heart, articulated with dry ice (with pickup mic for live sampling);
  • Victoria Lundy on Theremin and Live Electronics; and
  • Mark Mosher on Synths, Live Sampling, and Heart FX performed on iPad Pro M1 with a Scarlet 4I4 interface.

The trio says “Our performances are informed and inspired in equal parts by Pierre Schaeffer and Musique Concrète, and the Krell Electronic Tonalities of Bebe and Louis Barron.


00:00 Part 1 – Initiating Transmission. The set opens with us slowly building Halloween vibes from Boulder Station.

00:47 Part 2 – Warp Bubble. The venue begins to warp as our signals attract energy from another dimension.

03:02 Part 3 – Interdimensional Breach. A breach to another dimension opens just outside the venue. Energy from this dimension reacts to our performance.

10:29 Part 4 – Extreme Heart. Noise from the heart begins to seal the breach.

11:02 Part 5 – Return to Your Normally Scheduled Life. The breach starts to close, and we return back to normal reality in Boulder.

Here’s what they shared about the technical details:

Audio was captured as a multi-channel recording on a Zoom L8 and was mixed and mastered in Ableton Live 11. The video was captured using a GoPro Hero 12 in 4K, and an Insta360 X3. Post-production via a MackBook M2 Pro using Final Cut Pro with custom VFX from Resolume.

Cameras and Footage:
Front: 4K GoPro Hero 12 Black
360: 5.7K Insta360 X3 operated by The Aefonic
Side: Audience Mobile footage courtesy of John Rasmussen

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