New Plexus:4 Matrix MIDI Router & Filter

JMK Music Pedals has introduced the Plexus:4, a MIDI Router & Filter capable of processing MIDI signals on a 4×4 matrix.

The Plexus:4 lets you Route, Split, Merge, Poly Chain, Filter, Clock Divide, Channel Map and Keyboard Split in a small stand-alone box, that you can configure and use without a computer. You can also create custom MIDI configurations on the Plexus:4 and save them as presets, with the ability to save up to 128 presets in memory.


  • 4×4 MIDI Routing – Split and Merge each input with each output. The 4×4 Matrix of lighted buttons give clear indication of what messages are going where.
  • Filtering – Block and modify MIDI Messages on each output independently. Can be used like Four stand-alone filter boxes. No computer is required to configure.
  • Poly Chain – Incoming notes can be distributed, round-robin, to different outputs. Use several monophonic synths as one polyphonic synth.
  • Keyboard Split – Send notes to different synths based on the pitch or the velocity of the note played. Easily divide notes from a keyboard up into zones.
  • Clock Division – Divide an incoming MIDI Clock to create slower tempos. Seven divisions settings are available for each output independently.
  • Status Monitoring – Each active button on the 4×4 Matrix will light different colors for incoming messages indicating that a message is being passed, modified or blocked.
  • Presets – 128 Presets are available to store every Route, Filter and Poly setting for instant recall. 16 Presets can be recalled using the UI and all 128 can be recalled over MIDI.
  • Poly Channel – Incoming notes on a MIDI Channel can be distributed, round robin, between several MIDI Channels for another type of mono/poly setup using only 1 input and 1 output.
  • USB Host – Make connections from class-compliant USB MIDI devices to the USB Host port, such as Keyboards, Synths and Sequencers. No computer required.
  • USB Device – Connect to a computer using the class-compliant USB MIDI Device port. Creates a new 1×1 MIDI USB Interface in software applications.
  • Bridge Connections – All connections can take part in MIDI signal routing. Pass messages between DIN, USB Host and USB Device connections.
  • Remote Control – MIDI Commands can be used to control several major features remotely, including message routing, poly chaining and preset loading.

Pricing and Availability:

The preorder window is open now, with an early-bird price of $179 USD. Plexus:4 is expected to ship in June or early July 2024.

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  1. havent seen anything close to mio yet

    because all modern MIDI devices should feature multiple USB inputs at this point

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