Audiofile Updates Spectre Audio Analysis Suite

Spectre171_AppStoreOn Friday, music technology company Audiofile announced an update to Spectre, their real-time audio analysis suite for OS X.

Spectre features 20 different multi-channel and multi-trace meters including Level, VU, Spectrograph, Oscilloscope, Spectrogram, LU and LU History.

Along with an extensive performance upgrade, Spectre’s updated meters are easier to configure, and are “Retina-ready” and optimized for the OS X Mavericks operating system, including improved full-screen and multiple display support.

Spectre_screenshotNew additions and enhancements to Spectre include:

  • “Greatly improved” performance and stability;
  • Fully optimized for Retina displays;
  • Audio bundles enable the creation of groups of channels for audio input hardware, for easier configuration;
  • Comprehensive full-screen support;
  • Meter configuration is now built into each meter;
  • Traces have their own spectral analysis settings.

To celebrate its release, Audiofile is offering an introductory discount on Spectre for only $49.99, 50% off the original $99.99 price, for a limited time.

Pricing and Availability. The updated Audiofile Spectre is currently featured on the Mac App Store and is available for a limited time for $49.99, 50% off the original price. More information is available at the Spectre website.

10 thoughts on “Audiofile Updates Spectre Audio Analysis Suite

  1. Looking at the site I don’t see mention of these running as VST or AU. Are they really just stand alone?

  2. If it’s like previous versions it’s a standalone App. But you can route audio from your DAW into it using something like Soundflower.

  3. Hi

    I have been Beta testing the most recent version with Daven the developer and it runs as an audio unit and vst……as well as stand alone.



    1. Sorry folks, wrong post…mind went from one web site to another, and ended up writing the wrong post on the wrong site….oops

    1. Not sure i agree. It’s not that multichannel analyzers are easy to come by.
      i just wish they support this, one of my main issues with audiofile has been support and lack of documentation.

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