Roland Keyboards and Electronics

Roland has been making leading electronic music instruments for thirty years. Their classic include the TB303 and TR909, staples of electronica, the Juno series of synthesizers, and the SH-101, a classic analog synth. Their current lineup includes the wicked Fantom-X keyboards and V-Synths.

Established in 1972, Roland immediately made its mark in the world of music. The SH-1000 was the first synthesizer made in Japan. It, like Yamaha’s later CS line, was covered with brightly colored tabs and switches, like the home organs of the times.

The 80’s were a busy time for Roland. They released the Jupiter line, including the Jupiter-8, a classic 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer, with fat dual-VCO analog sound. Their relatively inexpensive Juno synthesizes proved popular, too, despite their thinner sound. They also released many devices that didn’t sell especially well, but became classics, including the TB-303, TR-606, TR-808, and TR909.

Their current lineup includes the Fantom-X Workstation Keyboards, the Roland V-Synth, and their VS line of digital audio workstations.

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