Reverend Introduces Goblin Tube Combo

Reverend Goblin Combo AmpReverend Musical Instruments is shipping the Goblin 5-15, an all-tube, single-channel, guitar amplifier designed by Dennis Kager and Joe Naylor.

Intended for practice, studio or small gigs, the low wattage (switchable between 5 or 15 watts) and early overdrive characteristics allow for tube saturation at moderate volume levels. Also designed for versatility, the Goblin features the Schizo switch which offers three distinct voicings.


  • Schizo Switch:
    • US – Transparent midrange with strong bass and treble for classic American clean and light overdrive.
    • LO-FI – More midrange and gain with a softer treble response for a bluesy tone .
    • UK – Even more gain with a distinctly British upper-mid peak for classic blues-rock and hard-rock crunch.
  • Switchable Wattage: 5 or 15 watts. Use with the master volume to adjust the amount of overdrive and volume to suit different size rooms.
  • All-Tone 1025 Speaker: 10 inch speaker featuring a seamed cone, high temperature voice coil and light weight, high power ceramic magnet. Exclusive design by Joe Naylor.
  • Electro-Harmonix Tubes: two 6V6 and four 12AX7.
  • Accutronics Reverb Tank
  • All-Tube Circuit: 100% tube signal path and tube-driven reverb circuit.
  • DC Filaments: all 12AX7 tubes have hum eliminating DC filaments.
  • All-Plywood Cabinet

Construction features chassis mounted/hand-wired jacks, switches and controls. Independent pre-amp, power amp and control circuit boards for reliability and easy service. Ceramic flame-proof power tube sockets and synthetic low-noise pre-amp tube sockets. Tube sockets mounted to circuit boards with mechanical locking tabs.

Reverend Direct Price: $499

For more information, visit the Reverend site.

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