Sex Album Released

The Sex AlbumGet ready for Sex everywhere.

Jessica Vale has announced the upcoming release of The Sex Album. The provocative CD features sounds (with the exception of Vale’s vocals) taken entirely from the recordings of live sex that were manipulated into dark electronic and ambient music.

Synthtopia recently interviewed Vale about making The Sex Album.

This is the first release from artist/producer Jessica Vale, who collaborated with fellow NYC producer, Ivan Evangelista to make the record. The Sex Album is not meant to be pornographic; rather it was created to explore the use of sounds, making an innovative release that maintains a musical sense.

“The trend in music today is to look at sexuality on a safe, superficial level, when what most people experience is anything but that,” says Vale. “I wanted to make an album that dug a little deeper and reflected what’s really happening. We composed the music from processed sex recordings to punctuate the subject matter and to create a unique, lush sound-scape.”

In March 2003 Vale and Evangelista began pursuing couples that were willing to participate in the project. Shortly after they started their search, they found seven couples of different sexual orientations that were interested. The participants were strategically strapped with microphones and every sound from racing hearts and moans to their most intimate moments were morphed into bass lines, percussions and every other instrumental sound heard on the disc.

Though the album is not to be perceived as an aphrodisiac, sensual undertones are significantly present. At certain points the music can evoke a trance, such as in Look Pretty. The track Sarajevo has a more danceable, upbeat feel, while Boy in Black and Welcome explore darker musical aspects.

A preliminary limited edition version of The Sex Album was released in May 2005, available online only. The upcoming release includes additional remix tracks from electro-industrial mixer, Xris Flam (KMFDM, DJ Spooky), Brian Jackson, Jeff Saphin, Jean-Luc Cohen and more. Vale and Evangelista plan to take the album on the road as well. As you could imagine, the show will be anything but the norm.

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