Matrix Synth

Matrixsynth is a website/blog dedicated to anything and everything about synths.

Matrix, who runs the site, is active on many synth-related lists and forums, and when he sees something of interest, he posts it on Matrixsynth. As a result, the site covers everything synth, from the serious to the humorous; the trivial to the items that wow us.

When asked why he put the site up he stated, “I previously created back in October 97 as my personal portal into the world of synths. The site was just a bunch of links to all of the sites I used to go to – basically my favorite lists. Over time I found that the number of items to keep track of was just too much and a lot of the interesting bits to me were hard to find. I’d have to try and remember where I found the item of interest, and a lot of the time, these items where lost forever. A classic example are ebay auctions with rare photos and bits of information on synths. Once the auction expires, that info is basically lost. So, I decided to start tracking this stuff with a blog. If see something interesting, I put up a post so I can find it later.”

“What’s interesting is that every now and then I’ll put something up that I second guess and it actually ends up getting more traction in the comments than something I thought might get more. I’ve had people thank me for putting up a post on a show or synth gathering that they might have otherwise missed. There’s also lot’s of synth shots with Cats out there for whatever reason!” : ) Take a look yourself and see if you find something you like. And as the site is a blog, it supports RSS out of the box, so feel free to subscribe with your favorite reader and see what trickles in.”

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