The Beeps – Yoko Solo

Yoko Solo, aka Brandon LaSan, claims influences ranging from Public Enemy to “Billy Jean Is Not My Lover She’s Just A Girl Who Claims That I Am The One”, and describes his music as Disco House / Thrash / Shoegaze. I’m not sure that’s an accurate description, but on the other hand, I’m not sure what is.

On The Beeps, Yoko Solo explores experimental loop-based abstronica that sometimes borders on the danceable, but more often goes into IDM territory. Rhythms and grooves here are a tool for catching your ear so that that it can be taken on a new tangent. Beats jump in and out of the picture, while Yoko Solo drops in spoken world samples, noises or ambient effects, creating an aural collage.

The music has a very unfinished, punk feel to it that is frustrating, because it sometimes seems to go nowhere, but it is very fresh, too, because you never know where the music will go next.

Yoko Solo is brave enough to risk not satisfying your expectations, which is always interesting.


  • Kluge (?!)
  • Pigbucket Blam Blam
  • Don’t Fall Asleep I’m Warning You Don’t Fall Asleep
  • Infinite Collapse Pt. One: I Blew It (Infinite Undo)
  • Infinite Collapse Pt. Two: Sickly Assassin
  • Infinite Collapse Pt. Three: Bang U Up Dummy
  • Krak V.2 “I Rebuke Thee”
  • No Party, Wind/Vomit
  • These Are The Beeps
  • The Alarm (9øøø)
  • Covered In Feces…Stronger Than You, Rotten
  • Partial Collapse / Useless Control Systems (I’ve Got No Rights)
  • noWave
  • Cosmonaut Tragedy

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