Carvin Intros NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar

Synth Guitar

You’re probably wondering why we’ve got a giant glossy photo of a guitar splashed cross the pages of Synthtopia.

We don’t look at it as a guitar, though, because it’s the Carvin NS1 Nylon Synth Access guitar.

The NS1 Nylon Synth Access guitar combines the attributes of a nylon string acoustic with the power of MIDI synthesizer access. Featuring gold plated hardware and Carvin’s 4A Flame Maple top, the NS1 is available in a wide selection of color options. The NS1 incorporates a wood body binding effect on the edge of the flame Maple top—unlike the plastic molded binding found on other guitars.

With a chambered Mahogany body, the NS1 provides a higher level of resonance—giving the instrument the characteristics of a nylon string guitar while making it lighter and, hence, easier to play and more comfortable over the course of a performance.

By plugging a standard guitar cable into the instrument, you can play the NS1 through any acoustic amp or PA. Further, the NS1’s active EQ circuits deliver a full bottom end that accurately conveys the sound of a full sized acoustic body guitar. Featuring stacked mid cut/boost and mid sweep controls for the midrange plus stacked treble and bass cut/boost controls, the incredible NS1 enables guitarists to sculpt the perfect acoustic tone on any amplification system.

The NS1’s piezo pickup system uses a natural compression that is very similar to an acoustic guitar. Guitarists can play as hard as they want without overloading the input channel, and they’ll never experience that dreaded piezo “quack.” The onboard piezo pickup can be used with or without a MIDI/Synth interface.

But what’s most interesting about the Synth Access guitar, is its MIDI capabilities.

The real magic comes by plugging the NS1 into a guitar synthesizer module using the provided 13-pin cable. Carvin worked closely with Graph Tech Guitar Labs when developing the NS1’s Hexaphonic pickup system and the result is fast, accurate MIDI tracking.

The NS1’s Hexaphonic pickup sends a signal for each individual string as well as a summed signal via the 13-pin cable. The system enables both synthesizer and acoustic sounds to be created using this single cable. The instrument’s Hexaphonic output is MIDI compatible with synthesizer controllers such as Roland’s GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer, VG-88 V-Guitar System, V-Bass System, the Roland GI-20 GK-MIDI Interface, the Axon AX100 Guitar-MIDI converter, and many more. For convenient scrolling through MIDI synth patches, the NS1 provides a mini toggle switch.

“The NS1 is capable of delivering breathtaking nylon string acoustic performances while providing the opportunity to explore the musical realm of MIDI synthesis,” said Mark Kiesel, Vice President of Carvin Corporation.

Carvin’s new NS1 Nylon Synth Access guitar carries a direct price of $1399.00 and is expected to be available in April 2007.

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