Blue Cat Audio Updates Blue Cat’s Dynamics to Version 1.4

Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat Audio has released a new version (1.4) of Blue Cat’s Dynamics all-in-one dynamics processing DirectX and VST plugin for Windows, introducing a new user interface design and many performance and ergonomics improvements.

This plugin can act as a compressor, limiter, expander, gate or distortion unit, making it one of the most complete dynamics processor of the market. Its original controls and unique monitoring features will suit both the advanced users’ and beginners’ needs. It also provides side chain capabilities as well as MIDI and Automation output.

New in Blue Cat’s Dynamics v1.4:

  • New user interface design
  • Several ergonomics improvements
  • Skin loading performance improvement (up to 80% faster)
  • Reduced memory consumption when using several instances
  • Compression graph clarity and rendering performance enhancements
  • Window Opacity Management: make the plugin window transparent and see behind
  • Blue Cat’s Skinning Language 1.3 support
  • (Bug fix): on the stereo version the sidechain filter did not work as expected in some situations

Blue Cat’s Dynamics features:

  • Full featured dynamics processor: compressor, gate, limiter, expander, distortion
  • Available in mono and stereo versions
  • Total control over the processor: continuous peak/RMS and Opto/VCA modes selection
  • Total control over the signal: dry/wet control, input fiter, side chain filter
  • Post brickwall limiter or waveshaper
  • Optimal monitoring: dynamics response and input/output envelopes real time display, main compression information – can be recorded as automation curves
  • Best quality: up to 4x oversampling for the best sounding quality
  • Side chaining made easy: a unique way to perform side chain compression and much more
  • Real time MIDI control with advanced settings (MIDI channel and CC numbers, with complete response curve control) and MIDI learn
  • Multiple skins included for optimal user experience
  • Window Opacity Managemenr: make the plugin window transparent
  • No latency
  • Native DSP code for optimal performance
  • Skinnable user interface
  • DirectX and VST plug-in formats support
  • Smooth Update: silent (zipper-free) parameters update
  • ull automation support (all parameters can be automated, with smooth and continuous update)

Price (Special new version price: -15%):
67.15 EUR (instead of 79 EUR), or USD 83.94 (instead of USD 94.80)

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