Nucleus SoundLab Releases DataBank One

Databank One

Nucleus SoundLab has released a new patchset for NI Massive that harnesses Massive’s possibilities for maximum musical effect.


DataBank One is a labour of love, created over the course of 6 months by experienced sound designer Jeremy Janzen. The 100 included presets run the gamut of Massive possibilities – wild multitrack sequences, heavy basslines, lo-fi arpeggios, absurb FX, and screeching leads. Not just harsh tones are highlighted, but the softer side of Massive is showcased as well with smooth phys-mod strings, expressive pads, new-school plucked ethnic creations.

Every one of the 100 included presets is fully Kore-ready with all 8 Macro Knobs mapped to appropriate, useful parameters. Often Knobs control multiple related parameters to trigger powerful morphs across many different sonic dimensions. Of course, the presets also fully conform to Kore categorization as well.

You can preview Databank One below.
Most presets include valuable programming notes to help you better understand the presets and Massive itself. Whether you are a hardcore sound designer, or just a preset tweaker – you’ll love the attention to detail, the handcrafted sound palette, and raw sonic inspiration DataBank One brings to Massive.

  • 100 Presets for NI Massive.
  • All presets utilitze all 8 Macro Knobs.
  • Each preset fully categorized for Kore.
  • Extensive notes and documentation inside most presets.
  • Compatible with both Macintosh and PC.

Pricing and Availability:

DataBank One is available now for electronic distribution for $29.95.
Loyal NSL customers will receive a 10% discount.

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