Nick’s World Of Synthesizers

Nick’s World Of Synthesizers is a trip to bizarre DIY synthville. The video gives you a taste of what Nick’s been up to, but you have to visit his site to check out his really interesting, complex creations.

Here’s his DIY philosophy:

I have been making electronic musical instruments for about 10 years. With all my inventions I am trying to make something special that you can’t buy anywhere. Some people spend thousands of pounds on rare analogue stuff, I spend hundreds of hours making my own and end up with something that is unique not just rare.

I don’t see the point in trying to make something obvious like the classic moog style design. I think that old analogue synthesizers can be a bit over rated in terms of design. Most of the old mono-synths have pretty much the same arrangement. I am inspired by the very early synthesizers like the Trautonium or the Ondes Martenot.

Don’t miss checking out Nick’s awesome Springotron 3000 and the String Resonator.

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