Ojos De Brujo – Techarí

If you want to hear some music that’s really original, you could do a lot worse than checking out Ojos De Brujo’s wonderfully syncopated, flamenco-influenced Techarí.

Ojos De Brujo (Eyes of the Wizard) is a Barcelona-based world fusion group, with eight members that play everything from flamenco guitar to tablas to turntables. Guest on the release include Faada Freddy from the Senegalese hip-hop collective Daara J, Indian fusioneers Prithpal Rajput and Nitin Sawhney, Cuban pianist Roberto Carcàsses, flamenco guitarist Pepe Habichuela and Spanish vocalist Martirio.

My Spanish isn’t good enough to follow along with the lyrics, but Marina Abad’s vocals are striking and powerful. She’s equally at home singing melodically, with punk intensity or rhythmically chanting. The instrumentalists are equally amazing – tight and unpredictable.

Best of all, you never know where the songs are going. Ojos De Brujo stop on a dime, shift gears and get their freak on without getting self-indulgent with their fusion. No matter what they do, it keeps your attention.

Ojos De Brujo’s Techarí is world fusion at its best – adventurous and vibrant and without any cheesy samples.

The release comes with a second CD that includes a gorgeous PDF booklet of the song lyrics and an interactive Flash animation with trippy videos for four of the tracks. The fantastic packaging and nice extras push Techarí over the top, making it a great release.

1. Color
2. Sultanas De Merkaillo
3. Todo Tiende
4. Runalf
5. l Comfort No Reconforta
6. Tanguillos Marineros
7. Silencio
8. No Somos Maquinas
9. Bailaores
10. Corre Lola Corre
11. Feedback
12. Piedras Vs. Tanques
13. Respira
14. Nina

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