3 Hot Babes + 3 Hot Instruments = The Tenorions

I’ve been skeptical about Yamaha’s Tenori-On since it was announced, suggesting that the device was sexy, but more style than substance.

Now, a new group has emerged that could challenge that idea – The Tenorions – an trio of babes that play Yamaha’s unique new instrument.

The Tenorions seem to be sort of The Monkees of electronic music. According to a Yamaha press release:

Jason Air is taking the Tenori-on concept to a new level. With success in the worlds of Drum & Bass and Hip Hop, his latest venture sees him as the driving force behind the world’s first band to create music exclusively with the Tenori-on. Fittingly, this trio of Oriental techno-heads goes by the name of… The Tenorions.

The band comprises core members Nynn and Cici, who write the uncompromising and driving techno tracks that have already become The Tenorions trademark sound. With increasing bookings for live gigs, third Tenorion Fiona joins them on stage to complete the trio.

The Tenorions are certainly easy on the eyes. With gear like that, how could it be otherwise?

The real question is whether they, like the Tenori-On itself, are more than style over substance.

Here’s a video that captures the Tenorions’ April debut in London:

Let me know what you think of The Tenorions in the comments!

via Sonic State

17 thoughts on “3 Hot Babes + 3 Hot Instruments = The Tenorions

  1. I wish I could read a single press release without coming across the words ‘…to the next level…’ The phrase is as creatively bankrupt and phony as as this ‘group’ of three beautiful women.

    This is a blatantly transparent ploy by a corporation desperate to add legitimacy to their overpriced sequencer-toy.

  2. In order to show the Tenori they have to keep the lights off and don’t let you see the babes !! auhauah

    That’s marketing going wrong!

  3. Amoeba & everybody else – Is it fair to pre-judge the Tenorions based on their looks?

    Stretta – my sexist response – I can think of a better way for the Tenorions to “take it to the next level”, but it would be NSFW.

  4. i didn’t pre-judge. i watched the whole damn video first.

    i think the instrument itself is terrible in the first place. now the marketing tack is making me throw up. it’s that simple.

    if they had 3 hot d00ds i’d say the same thing, so who’s the one being sexist here?

  5. He would say that he threw up, coz he’s sad and lonely 🙁 no girlfriend or by the looks of how upset he is, no guy neither… Poor Amoebe…

  6. Actually anyone who thinks that they are SO intelligent, forward thinking, smart, knowledgeable, often end up being errmmm actually quite dumb… to have worked out the most obvious thing would mean you would have been suckered into being the dumbest of dumb people around who think they can’t be sold to. This I happen to know… wait for it… is NOT a marketing ploy by YAMAHA actually… The horror of being wrong for a change hey Mr.SmartAss I’m so intelligent… This was actually the bands work or art in marketing themselves, without a degree in marketing might I add! SO… Just as Amy Winehouse drinks and talks about Blake to make you go yuck, people like you are helping the artist spread their good names louder than ever. So I thank you for your input, I hope you’ll thank me for mine and my even more humble than your superior knowledge…whoops where am I going now.. Oh I lost it at, well done genius (hint: yamaha) its Yamaha’s marketing. booooooo lol

  7. Well, maybe I’d be interested if there was a band of the same ilk called The Monomes, but as it stands, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  8. Just when I thought convincing me to make the O1X the centerpiece of my studio was the WORSE thing Yamaha had ever done to me, they manage to turn 2 hot asian chicks dancing on stage into one of the most boring performances I’ve ever seen in my life.

    I’m beginning to believe I slept with the Yamaha CEO’s great-great grandfather’s wife in a previously life and that this is all fate coming back to haunt me. Well, at least my MOTIF doesn’t suck rocks.

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