Tuning Synthesizers To The Ancient Solfeggio

SYNTHESIZER RE-TUNING TO THE ANCIENT SOLFEGGIO: Part 1–Dr. Leonard Horowitz Interviews Michael Walton


Here’s something that’s a bit different – two tutorials for “conscious keyboard professionals” featuring Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Executive Producer of LIVE H2O, interviewing sound engineering specialist, Michael Walton of SomaMagic Studio.

In Part 1, Michael explains how to retune the Korg Oasys synthesizer using the Perfect Circle of Sound, tuning fork set and a Korg chromatic tuner.

Creating a new scale by tuning the Oasys to the Solfeggio frequency-equivalents required exclusion of dissonant tones 417Hz and 714Hz. Walton discovered that the standard tuning A note is the precise frequency equivalent to the 741Hz F# frequency in the Solfeggio. The chance this precise association between the ancient and modern scales might have happened by chance, versus by sinister imposition, is discussed in greater detail at http://www.hydrosonics.org.

The team discovers that scale-building from C equal to 528Hz frequency demonstrates 417Hz and 741Hz are disharmonious and potentially bioenergetically degrading to humans. This tutorial, developed with funding from LIVE H2O co-sponsor, OxySilver.com, is contributed to assist advanced keyboard players in retuning synthesizer software and band performances in 528Hz.

Part II below:

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