Building An Ondes Martenot

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happymoogman Dana Countryman gives an overview of his awesome DIY project, his take on the Ondes Martenot:

Here is part two of my progress, building an Ondes Martenot-style controller for my modular synthesizer.

Feel free to use my ideas, but no, I will not be building one for you! ;)

I built this around my beloved DX-7, but it only uses that keyboard for visual reference, while playing the ring controller. You could use ANY keyboard for your own reference. – Dana Countryman

See this post for the first part of Countryman’s Ondes Martenot project coverage.

8 thoughts on “Building An Ondes Martenot

  1. I love the quality of the sound on your ondes martenot, but do you think it could be made with a smaller sound generator, possibly something that could fit inside the controller box? It would be a much more practical instrument that way.

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  2. I am re-creating something similar for a university dissertation research project, im writing software to try and re-create the different presets available on the Ondes Martenot, have you any advice or pointers?

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    • Hi. Soy compositor y tengo algunas obras de OM. Soy nuevo en el tema martenot, pero estoy muy interesado en el proyecto de Simón.
      ¿Podemos hablar más acerca de. mi correo es jua.villasenor2 @

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  3. I am trying to find a Ondes Martenot but i am really struggling on finding a supplier or anyone who is selling them second hand. Do you know if there are any manufacturers that make them?

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  4. nice job by the way! for the volume control try using a rack and pinion system and get the required resistance of the button by spring loading it. This may mean you have to play around with the sensitivity of the potentiometer as well as the type of spring/s needed. But i think it should work.

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