Algorithmic Composition With Max/MSP

Mike Foyle’s 7 AM is an audio/video demo of a composition created with Max/MSP.

Details below.

via mikefoyle:

The entirety of the sound synthesis and composition for this piece is done within Max/MSP.

Mike says ‘I decided to try and create an idm-esque production with a very obvious sense of progression and development and also tried hard to manipulate synthesised sounds as much as possible while retaining musical integrity, rhythm and structure.’

All synthesisers, effects, and sequences are coded algorithmically within max msp. These include a reverb effect, bandpass feedback delay, comb filters, low pass resonant filters, FM synthesiser, subtractive synthesiser, percussion synthesiser utilising tendency masks and random number generators, and perhaps my favorite of all, the drum machine, which uses sine, square and noize oscillators, frequency and amplitude envelopes and preset banks to synthesise simple electronic drum sounds including kicks, snares and hihats.

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