Free Mac Music App Inspired By Tenori On


Matthew Davidson has released Obo, a free Mac music sequencer & synth that’s a sort of minimal Tenori On:

There was a recent request on the monome forums for an application that does what the popular tonematrix does, which itself is inspired by the tenori-on. I took some parts out of my residue application for the monome (it’s full of techno! DD103!) and added a simple four voice internal sine wave synth.

If you like tonematrix, but would prefer something standalone, with MIDI output, sync and tweakable note assignments, you can download this standalone application for MacOS X. It is free! Enjoy!

Then, maybe at some point I’ll get around to adapting it to the monome.

It’s very simple as a synth, but it’s got MIDI out.

Give it a try and leave a comment with your thoughts!

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