Nerd Revolt’s Doppelgänger

After the last Nerd Revolt video got such a warm welcome from Synthtopia readers, we thought we’d tempt fate by featuring their latest music video  – Doppelgänger (2010), a live minimal synth jam.

Any love for the Virus-loving Nerds this time around?

via NerdRevolt:

Exactly two years ago this month, NR started working on our first track, “Doppelgänger”. Though we’d met only six months earlier, we already knew we were doppelgängers.

In celebration of the two amazing years it’s been since we wrote this song, here’s a video of us performing it 2010-style. You might notice that “The Great” is looking a bit greater– we just introduced a drum pad and two electric pianos to the arsenal!

43 thoughts on “Nerd Revolt’s Doppelgänger

  1. Not a bad bit of engineering, good sounds too. But I became very bored after the first few measures. Nowhere near enough compositional movement in the form of beat and chord changes. Also, could use more dynamics. But, hey it's a jam, so…………..

  2. I enjoyed that, particularly after the 5 min mark. I like watching the different ways electronic musicians utilise the tools on offer… Cool.

  3. virus owner here myself ti 1st gen but im a lil curious as too why the have 2, did they really max out 16 separate tracks you can lay on multi mode in the vst plugin mode

  4. Well, it's certainly better than the last 2 videos which were just painful to watch and hear. I still don't understand the need for 3 viruses in this situation. The track its self gets pretty stale but there are some nice sounds and ideas in there, but I personally would not consider this track finished. I am a virus owner and one in multi mode should have you covered, and it should definitely have them covered. More important than all that I guess I don't really understand the need for these videos at all. Why don't they just release tracks? The video aren't exciting in any way. Am I just getting old and don't relate to the need for everyone to be seen on the internet? Also, I'd love to know Synthtopia's relationship to these people and why they keep pushing them.

  5. So you're saying one virus in multi-mode with a couple of controllers couldn't do this ?

    More hardware = bigger trust fund.

  6. you would be surprised how nice of a pad you can get out of the ti with just using three to four parts if you went to get alot more ambient i stack some pads i made in absynth 5 and things get pretty thick and you still have more spaces let to throw in some leads,bass,sweeps in the virus multi mode

  7. Not a big fan, but i am glad when i see people happy. I know this is the internet and i need to be another anonymous moos pointing fingers and asking why 3 Virus when a REAL artist only needs one Moog Voyager XL played live once directly cut to a vinyl master then to turn it OFF, walk away and never touch it again. Wow now the synthopia dude needs to tell what relation he has with the people he links on his website. Internet + Human Nature = what a joke!

  8. I don't know why you'd want to limit yourself sonically by owning 3 viruses. As a TI owner, I definitely know and appreciate the power of the synth, but I also own 10 other synths, both analog and VA. I can't help but think what other gear they could have gotten for the $4200 they spent on those extra viruses that would give them more choices. Too each their own, I guess. They seem to be having a good time, which is all that really matters…

  9. I wish I had three viruses… I tend to run out of polyphony on my ti polar after about 4 tracks… 3 osc super saws playing chords can do that to a virus…… I'd sell one and get a eurorack with 2 Cynthia animators… Mmmm

  10. I would rather here them play something more dynamic and make alot of mistakes then a few pads and over drums. Take some risks folks.

  11. Revolting Nerds? Aww, come on, they're not that bad!

    [Okay, apologies for the silly and pointless joke, but I was sick of all the negative comments above. I like these guys immensely, and I like this smooth gentle music. So it ain't NIN? Good. And frankly, I couldn't care less if they have three Viruses. I myself have TWO stylophones.]

  12. Oh, give me a break. This track is mediocre at best. Who said anything about NIN ? How about variety, build-ups, and some really real real time tweaking. Yes, I have a Virus and these 2 are definitely not maxing out the polyphony. Does it sound like they are ? Just a couple of more charlatans with money to blow who don't know how to actually use what they have, so they buy more and for some damn reason Synthtopia finds it interesting.

    Why is it if a poster at Synthtopia isn't stroking someone's ego they are negative? This track just isn't that good, and if you're going to include video you better be prepared for criticism.
    If you don't like negative comments stay off the internet. I for one have posted my music on many blogs, and welcome all comments negative or positive. I expect negative comments…it's the internet for god's sake!

  13. I own a virus and have never thought about owning another. Questioning why they have so many does not equate to jealousy. People are questioning it, because it's an odd choice. However, why that somehow opened the floodgates to trash their music is beyond me. It's as interesting as most synth jams on here, and I look forward to their next effort, as I welcom everybody's efforts. Constructive criticism is essential for artist growth. Taking immature pot shots is not. Grow up, people.

    Thank you, Nerd Revolt, for being brave enough to share. I somehow doubt most of these "critics" would do the same.

  14. I think there may be 2 "immature pot shots".

    What is wrong with having an honest opinion that differs
    from yours and happens to be "negative"?

    Sorry, in my opinion this track is just not that good.
    I could be a jerk about it and just say it is absolutely horrible,
    but I don't think that would be very nice, and it's not necessarily horrible.
    Now, I assume when I post in a thread the "in my opinion"
    part goes unsaid, but apparently I need to specify that.

    Also, I have no problem admitting that I don't like "look at all my gear that I don't
    know how to use. " posts. I think it's excessive, disgusting, and fairly apparent
    that they don't know how to utilize what they have.

    "This is the internet, I am able to say what I want, and I am saying it." John Cage

  15. Well I really enjoyed that – thanks for posting up ! Would have liked a bit more piano riffing rather than a few quick stabs, but overall it was a nice listen.

  16. Yeah it's a bit ova stretch, but seriously; switch between a single patch and a multi, with even the same single voice in it and the other 15 mult's turned off; there's a noticeable drop in sound quality. And i never use the usb, the audio out sounds much sweeter.

  17. Every time there's a woman that knows her way around synths on this site, losers seem to crawl out of the woodwork.

    Two things:

    1). If the Nerd's got a few Virus synths, maybe it's because she can afford to buy a few synths and that's what she wants to spend her money on. Sorry if you don't have the cash, but, if this is your complaint, it's time for you to STFU!

    2). And if you don't like their song, show us what you've done lately. Or see #1.

    Four things I liked about this – gorgeous gear, the music is good, it's not some middle aged dude recording a bunch of bleeps with his video camera microphone – and the Nerds are super sexy. (I want that tattoo, too.)

  18. If this was just an audio post I would have loved the music right away… but I found myself distracted by all of the gear and instantly started wondering why there wasn't more sound coming out of my monitors. It took me some time to work through seeing all of that gear to realize that this is actually pretty good. These guys are what, 22 years old? I think with time they will just get better and better. I can hardly even listen to the music I was making at 22…

  19. "It's not some middle aged dude recording a bunch of bleeps with his video camera microphone…"

    Well – that narrows things down quite a bit.

  20. One thing to note: Is that I don't think you would read 90% of these negative comments on these blogs if you could really see who was writing all these coward comments hidden behind fake identities. Its funny because you see this only with these types of blogs.

  21. I was not too pleased with "Also, I'd love to know Synthtopia's relationship to these people and why they keep pushing them. " written by hiroColeslaw.above. I thought that was going to be as bad as it was going to be in this thread. I come back a couple of days later and… wow.. really sad. I remember her video way back when she was happy with that open boxing of the virus. She looked soo happy. They have a Virus fetish, So [email protected]#$%ing what!!!
    M.J.'s keyboardist use t have 2 synclaviers on stage, like others would have 2 JX-8Ps. I was like "Hoollyyy Sshh".

    Some people cannot and refuse to just enjoy other's happiness. I love musical toys and coming to your site is really cool, fun, and zen away from political BS ( that i enjoy, of course, but not here) Tv realities, Bad news, etc etc.

    Sorry if you misunderstood my reaction, not toward you.

  22. Yes, welcome to the internet.

    It is amusing how people get there back up when people are critical of something.
    If you are critical, you are immature, a coward and blah, blah, blah, but if you aren't
    critical your opinion is more valid ? And this typical elementary response of "well,
    let's hear your music" is so tired. We are talking about their music because it is on a public
    forum in a free world where they wanted it to be seen, and people are free to voice their opinions. So why don't you STFU?

  23. Wow 🙂 Congrats!! Here's to many more years of inspirational and absolutely killer material from NR!! Glad to see The Great is growing.


    *tips the bottle of Maker's in honor


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