Pro Tools Tablet, The Indamixx2 Pro, Now Available For $1799

Indamixx 2 Pro Tools Tablet

Indamixx has released the Indamixx2 Pro – a tablet computer that comes pre-loaded with Avid Pro Tools 9.

The company says that the Indamixx2 Pro can handle 8 stereo tracks (16 total) with 2-6 plugins on 2 GB RAM with no Windows 7 optimizations. Not a powerhouse, but try that on your iPad.


  • CULV Tablet
  • 4GB RAM (800FSB)
  • Mini HDMI Port
  • Quad boot (optional)
  • Genuine Pro Tools Pre-Loaded
  • New Ilok key, (optional OS Transmission 5 MeeGo edition, Transmission 4.2, Macbuntu)
  • Avid Pro Tools 9 included

Indamixx says it has limited quantities available at $1,799.

What do you think of a tablet computer pre-loaded with Pro Tools?

22 thoughts on “Pro Tools Tablet, The Indamixx2 Pro, Now Available For $1799

  1. why compare this with ipad? this is running windows 7, an interface not optimized for touch screens, neither is pro tools. good luck with pressing those buttons etc with your fingers. this is just stupid. 1799 !!!! why not buy a laptop ???

  2. I often wish running Pro Tools on my 27" iMac for the extra screen real estate, meantime someone have decided to put it on underpowered touch contraption smaller than a small laptop… What the.?!
    Total fail I'm afraid.
    Ac C mentioned above – good luck…

  3. and how long exactly does the battery of this "power house" last?

    running a full DAW on a tablet makes no sense to me, only as a touch screen controller with touchosc, griid oder touchable it makes sense.

  4. 8 Stereo tracks? Wow! And only 1799?!!! They are going to have a total monopoly on the enormous and overlooked market demographic of idiotic super wealthy musicians.

  5. hahahahahahha

    the really funny part is that there will be people that buy this because its "so hip"

    8 stereo tracks on PT.. LOL

  6. Your comments rock!
    Well we certainly did not make the price point. Pricey non Atom Tablets and PT9 (599.00) drive the price point up. Our Indamixx Tablet is only 699.00 with our OS and software.
    NO multi UI and thin windowing issues are there BUT if you can believe it, it's not bad as is. I have never backed down on the wonky factor if there is one, but it just works. PT mobile edition with finger friendly would be ideal. On our side we are running finger friendly MeeGo, plus we have a dev roadmap to include new UI for touch. Touch OSC and controlling comment… agreed… that is already shipping on our 699.00 model.
    Laptop? yes we have those also. As far as Indamixx being an iFad clone…. hardly… we built the Trinity DAW in 2005, plus released Indamixx 2008… I never copy.. I do copy and paste 🙂

  7. what about battery life?

    and why is the track that is playing on your website so well hidden that it took me a couple of moments until i could finally switch it off? (turning of my speakers while i'm listening to other music is not an option)

    anyway, i'm looking forward to see some real life reviews

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