M-Audio Venom Synthesizer Sound Demo

Here’s a preview, via Sonic State, of the sound of the new M-Audio Venom synthesizer.

The Venom has inspired a lot of discussion – mainly because of some of the design choices that M-Audio made to get the price of the new synth down to where they wanted it to be. The result is a keyboard that’s capable of some great sounds and priced affordably, but at the cost of fewer knobs and lightweight construction.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of the sound of the Venom. And if you’re already a Venom owner, let us know what you think of the synth!


7 thoughts on “M-Audio Venom Synthesizer Sound Demo

  1. For a virtual analog, the Venom doesn't sound very analog.

    These examples have a sort of metallic edge to them that doesn't sound analog at all. Is this just the patches or sound design, or is it just not very good at analog emulation?

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