Grüvtron Gives You ‘Instant Gratification’ – If You Löve Bäd Müsic

Sound Trends has introduced Grüvtron – a new app for iPhone and iPad that promises ‘instant gratification”:

Want to create that thumping bass line to fill the dance floor or a heart-wrenching lead line? Want to jam along with your friends – any time, any place and sound superb? grüvtron lets you jam and create in a multitude of styles and in any key all on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad – whether you’re a trained musician or not!

Just as easy as using loops but way more versatile. Just choose a Preset and jam! Change keys, scales, sounds and other musical parameters. The grid-based touch interface lets you create Bass, Lead, Chords, Pads and other musical Parts with control over note density and pitch. Bass part too busy? Too slow and plodding? YOU control the density of the part in real time! From slow whole-note soulful to fast and frenetic 16ths!

We don’t want music to be easy or instant.

We want it to be awesome! Mind-blowingly awesome.

Fortunately, there’s more to Grüvtron than their marketing copy might suggest, and features that may make it interesting for musicians that don’t might a bit of work….

Here’s a Grüvtron demo, using an iPhone and an iPad, both running Grüvtron, with their tempos wirelessly synced:


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  1. I bet they will use this on the Tim and Eric show to create those incredibly bad synth driven songs that make the show so great!

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