4 thoughts on “Creating ‘Spooky’ Effects For Halloween

    1. I think the creator of the video (along with everyone else) is aware you can use a sampler to reproduce sound effects— but what fun is that?
      anyways, very creative video, loved the rain+wolf

      1. I like samplers, you like guitars..not gonna debate you, just it seems like stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime…well to me that is…hope you take no offense..none was intended. I could create same sounds with one instrument..a synth/sampler, whilst the guy in the video uses
        a multitude of equipment…ot bashing the guy…I just like to take the path of least resistance.

        Well anyway, it was a cool video, don’t have any critisim for the guy, it takes talent and know how and I respect that..I’m a more sampler…errr…simpler person.


  1. I think the original post nailed it – guitar effects pedals are great (and often inexpensive) sonic building blocks that you can connect to all sorts of things in clever ways. It’s also fun to hook them up to things that aren’t guitars – things like keyboard synths or microphones. I liked how he used overdriven noise and ground loops – typically things you want to eliminate – as sound sources.

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