10 thoughts on “Mint Julep – To The Sea

  1. Fascinatingly shot. Even if it makes you sick, i think you could agree that the parallax effect used pretty amazing, or at least unique.

    My guess is that they had 2-3 fairly high frame-rate cameras in an arc-shaped rig for the moving shots, and an excellent video editor.

  2. I like the toggle coat she’s wearing. I hope my daughter wants to dress that way in 8 years. Nice song too. I could see that parallax view being used to great effect – for a single shot in a 90 minute movie. The girl in the grey skirt running through the trees is a lovely image.

  3. It’s a really neat effect, but using it quickly and constantly made this nearly impossible to watch for more than a few seconds at a time. Hint to the authors, the effect would be just as cool if you used it in slower motions, and people could actually watch it!

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