TouchOSC Controller For FL Studio´s Step Sequencer

Reader J.Martins sent word of TouchOSC layout dedicated for FL Studio´s Step Sequencer:

This layout is for better handling automations via FL Studio´s Step Sequencer (When Muting/Unmuting Channels).

It comes with a feature that shows the Instrument Channel names from FL Studio (up to 12 Channels plus up to 4 characters from each Channel’s name) in your TouchOSC layout almost in realtime. That helps a lot the workflow of creating music in FL Studio plus sequencing it with an iPad

The layout sells for $.99 via Martins’ site.

2 thoughts on “TouchOSC Controller For FL Studio´s Step Sequencer

  1. Still (patiently mind you, I’m not one to bitch to a dev) waiting for custom templates in the android version.

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