Raymond Scott Documentary, Deconstructing Dad, Starts Theatrical Run In NYC

Deconstructing Dad: The Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott starts a limited theatrical run in New York City today, running through July 19th.

Deconstructing Dad is a documentary exploration of the life and work of American composer, bandleader, inventor, and electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott (1908-1994). The film is presented from a unique perspective – the filmmaker is his only son.

The documentary is featured this week the New York Times, which calls it a “heartfelt documentary about the life and legacy of…..an eccentric techno-music pioneer.”

Filmmaker Stan Warnow will be at these showings for Q&A after the film:

  • 7:30PM & 9:50PM SHOW JULY 13
  • 7:30PM & 9:50PM SHOW JULY 14
  • 3:00PM SHOW JULY 15

Details on the run are available at the Quad Cinema site.

Here’s the trailer for Deconstructing Dad:

In Synthtopia’s review of Deconstructing Dad, I wrote:

Deconstructing Dad is a fascinating and unflinching look at the life and work of Scott, who was gifted with tremendous talents as a musician, but less gifted as a businessman, husband and father.

Ultimately, the film manages to transcend being a documentary about Raymond Scott to deal with bigger ideas: the challenge of understanding even our closest family; the underbelly of American ideals; and coming to grips with feeling unwanted.

Disclosure: The film makers have advertised on Synthtopia in the New York area.

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