Does Kraftwerk Belong In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

The nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 have been announced. And, depending on your definition of Rock & Roll, the list includes some surprising nominees, including, Randy Newman, Donna Summer, N.W.A. and Kraftwerk.

All the nominees have earned their places in music history – but calling Kraftwerk and many of the other nominees, ‘rock and roll’ artists seems like it’s blurring the definition to the point that it’s meaningless.

“The definition of ‘rock and roll’ means different things to different people, ” says Joel Peresman, President of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation. “But as broad as the classifications may be, they all share a common love of the music.”

Check out the full list of nominees below – and let us know if you think Kraftwerk belongs in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2013 Nominees:

  • The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
  • Chic
  • Deep Purple
  • Heart
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  • Albert King
  • Kraftwerk
  • The Marvelettes
  • The Meters
  • Randy Newman
  • N.W.A
  • Procol Harum
  • Public Enemy
  • Rush
  • Donna Summer

You can vote for nominees at the Hall Of Fame site.

22 thoughts on “Does Kraftwerk Belong In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

  1. I don’t see any problem with this really. Sure, outwardly, Kraftwerk may seem pretty ‘sensible’ or ‘un-rock’n’roll’ or whatever, but their intentions, flouting of then accepted standards in how to write and produce popular music, and uncompromising attitude were rock’n’roll to the core 🙂

  2. ———————ROCK
    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts -American
    Deep Purple -English
    Heart —American
    Rush –Canadian
    Procol Harum -British

    —————–not ROCK
    Chic –disco r&b
    The Paul Butterfield Blues Band — blues
    The Meters — funk
    Randy Newman – pop
    N.W.A –hip hop, gangsta rap
    Public Enemy — hip hop, rap
    Albert King – blues
    Donna Summer -disco, r&b
    Kraftwerk – experimental, synthpop

    the only winner is
    !!!!!The Marvelettes — R&B, rock and roll, doo-wop, pop, soul—-

    they are the only ones who actually did ” rock and roll”

    vote for The Marvelettes

  3. When I was a kid, the rock and roll stations held rallies where they burned albums by artists like Donna Summer, Chic & Kraftwerk.

    The rock stations NEVER played any of those dance and electronic artists. The rock stations were racist, homophobic and scared of change.

    I don’t think Kraftwerk belongs with that crowd.

  4. Yes!yes!….and hell yes!….but…truth be told it won’t happen….I do believe that maybe it’s time for a Electronic hall of fame, I think that we all can agree that the impact of electronic instruments and artists on popular music and pop culture I at least equal to the impact of guitars etc. and rock artists….modern pop and hip hop where would it be without electronic music… electronic hall of fame would be a beautiful thing ….but if not,these great electronic artist will not go unsung….

        1. If there were to be an electronic music hall of fame in the states, which city? Detroit gets my vote, any other ideas? Detroit does have a techno museum at the Submerge HQ on Grand Blvd.

          1. yeah so tiesto can be in it and all the synthtopia readers can complain about how much ppl in electronic music hall of fame dont deserve it

  5. Of course Kraftwerk belongs there, I think most people understand it as the “Amplified Instrument” Hall of Fame, so in my mind that only precludes the folky who called Dylan “Judas” and people like that …otherwise it would be closed to everyone except teddy boys, and that would be awful 🙂

  6. I doubt Ralph Hutter will be too disappointed if Kraftwerk doesn’t make it. I’d be more interested if The Hard Rock Cafe got some Kraftwerk relics.

  7. I think they should be. Though they were not “Rock n’ Roll” by most standards, their influence on all of popular music – Rock and Roll included – is far reaching. In many ways. they were the antipathy of Rock yet, their influence runs deep in a lot of the rock music we hear today. If a rock band has a synth player in it, chances are he/she can count Kraftwerk as one of their influences.

  8. “Kraftwerk” Isn`t Rock ´n Roll – But They Inspired Acts Of It.
    (Like David Bowie, U2, Coldplay, Joy Division, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, R.E.M….)

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