Akai Unveils New Studio Reference Monitors

Akai_RPM500Akai Professional has introduced two new studio reference monitors, the RPM500 and RPM800.

Both monitors offer distributed Class A/B amplification, with ultra-efficient power while ensuring minimal distortion. RPM500 provides 90 watts total, with 50 watts dedicated to its 5-1/4 inch woofer and 40 watts to its silk-dome tweeter; RPM800 offers 120 watts total, with 80 and 40 going to the woofer and tweeter, respectively.

rpm800_rear_web_medInside the cabinet are reinforcements to minimize flex, and combat unwanted coloration, while ‘preventing anomalies and sound artifacts from polluting the mix’. Radio frequency protection and magnetic shielding are integrated into the cabinets to preserve signal purity along with 14-gauge wiring to the transducers. The flared rear-firing bass port is designed to deliver low-frequency depth and definition, while a dedicated Proximity Control allows for precise low-end tailoring.

RPM500 and RPM800 include a monitor isolation pad to decrease structure-borne resonances and noise. Additionally, both feature HF Trim, Mid-Range Boost,  LF Cutoff controls, plus XLR, balanced 1/4-inch TRS, and RCA inputs.

Pricing and Availability.

RPM500 and RPM800 reference monitors are sold individually and will be available in October with suggested retail prices of $199.99 (for the RPM500) and $299.99 USD (for the RPM800).

3 thoughts on “Akai Unveils New Studio Reference Monitors

      1. No those companies should try, but if you are going to enter the monitor arena don’t make something mediocre … we have tons of low book half-assed monitors to choose from. A first offering better be great. Akai didn’t find a niche that other monitors are not filling. I hope these are great but my guess is that Akai decided to use their name to sell some cheap speakers to young producers.

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