SquareSynth 8-Bit Style Synth Updated With AudioBus


Developer James Navarro let us know that he’s updated SquareSynth, an 8-bit style software synthesizer, based on the NES, adding AudioBus and more.

SquareSynth is a table-based synthesizer, and NES simulator for iOS, based on old-school chiptune trackers. Using the tables you can create sounds similar to 8-bit game consoles, and computers. 

Here’s what’s new in v1.5.1:

  • Added Audio Bus
  • Optimized for Audio Bus
  • Fixed save button
  • Fixed midi patch bug
  • Change key press animation
  • Updated icon

Key Features:

  • Polyphonic
  • Clean, band limited waveforms.
  • Looping .wav recorder. Play/Edit sample in real time, or make one-shots.
  • Core Midi Enabled. Use hardware or software midi input.
  • iTunes and Clipboard export
  • Original NES waveform oscillators (Pulse, Triangle, Short Noise, and Long Noise)
  • Glide, Full Pulse width modulation, and Vibrato
  • Control Pitch, Wave-type, and Pulse width, via instrument table

SquareSynth is available in the App Store for US $1.99. It’s designed for the iPhone.

4 thoughts on “SquareSynth 8-Bit Style Synth Updated With AudioBus

  1. In this rare case, no video needed! Jump on this app – sound is excellent IMO, with a deep set of options for customizing the sound. This one is hours of fun.

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