BeatBuddy Puts Drum Machine In An Effects Pedal


Developer David Packouz is running an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the production of the BeatBuddy Drum Machine – a unique drum machine effects pedal.

The BeatBuddy is a performance-oriented drum machine in pedal format, designed for hands-free drum machine control.

Here’s the official video demo:


  • 1.8″ Color LCD display
  • Pre-loaded with: 10 unique drum sets, 200+ songs (verse/chorus beat progressions) in a wide range of musical styles
  • Adjust tempo with: A turn of a knob or tap tempo with a button or footswitch
  • MIDI Sync: Integrate with MIDI based loopers and effects in your rig.
  • Headphones Jack: For jamming without disturbing the neighbours!
  • Full stereo sound
  • Strong construction made from anodized aluminum.
  • Connects with standard mini USB cable.
  • Expand memory with standard SD card.
  • Completely customizable with included computer interface software:
    • Load your own beats and drum sets
    • Uses standard MIDI and WAV files
    • Add additional song parts (verse, chorus, bridge, fills etc.)

The BeatBuddy will retail for US $350, but it’s available during the funding period for $200. The campaign is already fully funded, with 25 days to go in the campaign.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the BeatBuddy concept!

15 thoughts on “BeatBuddy Puts Drum Machine In An Effects Pedal

  1. This thing isn’t available in any sense of the word. By pledging money, you’re investiving in this idea in hopes that you’ll get something in return. Projects like this on indiegogo and kickstarter fail every single day. Hell, this project is in such infancy that they’re still using renderings on their site.

    1. I was an original backer of the Nth Synth on Kickstarter and I don`t regret anything!

      But you have to be careful about which project you decide to support.

  2. I guess I don’t need my Electribe anymore. Maybe now that we can fire the drummer it would be good to create a pedal to replace the vocalist.

  3. As someone with fairly limited technical talent, I have wanted a device just like this for a long time. I write and record songs about chemistry for my high school chem classes nad so far I’ve been mostly relying on song style presets on my Yamaha keyboard and my own (very limited) talents at playing various instruments. This will make my life a lot easier!!! I’ve preordered one from the indiegogo campaign, they have already far exceeded their investment goal. It will beat using a Kaossilator for my beats.

  4. Having a device that basically merges your live input with other audio in a controllable way is a good idea– and it is surprising that it hasn’t been devised before.

    However, they may have missed an opportunity. If instead of it being merely drum machine, it was an audio player, then users could load looped audio files, of a few formats and not be limited by the drum machines sounds, etc. The drum machine does give the ability to change tempo (which IS a must-have feature). But the audio file player will allow full accompaniment, any meters, etc.

    At any rate, this seems like an idea that can evolve.

  5. I’m looking forward to it. My 1970’s Roland TR-505 is a bit too old-school, bit it does work pretty well. This thing appears to more than just drawings at this stage.

    Combine it with a boss loop station and you should be good to go… I like the idea of a single function pedal in order to keep the cost down.

    If it bombs, too bad for me and everyone else who kicked in.

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