Will The Next Akai MPC Run Windows 8?


The next Akai MPC workstation may run Windows 8, based on a sneak preview of a MPC prototype that Akai and Microsoft showcased at Microsoft’s Build 2014 – a developer conference held April 2-4 in San Francisco.

The new MPC hardware, above, looks like a bit like a modified MPC Renaissance, with a much larger screen. The OS it runs on is Windows Embedded Industry 8.1, a version of Windows 8.1 that’s designed for running custom hardware systems, rather than standard PCs. 

Here’s video from the conference that briefly features the new Akai MPC:

Note: This is an early prototype and no official announcement about the new MPC or its release date has been made.

160 thoughts on “Will The Next Akai MPC Run Windows 8?

  1. This new mpc would be great if it could operate without a computer as well, standalone like the old mpcs. The only reason it should connect to the internet is for updates or grabbing samples from music sites online. Like if you could grab songs from iTunes directly or from your cloud of music if you have one, to chop up and sample. It should only be a musical powerhouse, nothing more. For further internet use, smart phones tablets and computers are used for that, there’s no point for all of that on an mpc.

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  2. How? He just said, that he barely even uses the computer.

    And I agree with him, the Windows just is unstable, and also becomes slower and more unstable in normal use. It is widely known characteristic in windows, and it has nothing to do with the user, or his “skills”.

    You SHOULD be able to install some software and use the internet with your PC. I am rather paranoid with my computer my self. I don’t browse dubious sites, and I always make damn sure, that I never install anything, unless it is absolutely necessary, and I always use legit software too.

    Still the Damn OS is getting worse every day.

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  3. “You SHOULD be able to install some software and use the internet with your PC”

    Seriously, what are you guys doing with your computers?? I have never had a computer that acts as crazy as what you guys describe here, and I don’t see people complaining as much outside of Synthtopia. My current Windows XP install is over 4 years old, and its still running beautifully.

    If you are that afraid to do anything with your computer, try something like SteadyState, it totally locks down your machine.

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  4. Everyone knows XP was the most stable OS, but what music making software are you using that still runs on XP? None of the main programs used these days run on it.

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