Loop Editor 2 ‘The Perfect Replacement For Apple Loops Utility’

loop-editorAudiofile Engineering has released Loop Editor 2 – a is powerful Mac music loop editing tool for musicians and engineers that they describe as “the perfect replacement for Apple Loops Utility”.

Loop Editor 2 supports all audio file formats that support loop points: AIFF Apple Loops, compressed & uncompressed CAF (AIFF, AAC & Apple Lossless) Apple Loops, AIFF, WAV, W64 and ACID. Additionally, Loop Editor supports forward, forward-backward, and backward looping. Loop Editor is also one of the only applications available which supports sustain and release loops.

Loop Editor 2 allows you to view, add, edit and export Slices. It also supports advanced property editing capabilities such as the “Genre” and “Descriptors” properties for Apple Loops files. For those of you that work with Propellerhead Reason and ReCycle, we have included our ReCycle Converter tool which converts ReCycle REX & RX2 files for use in Loop Editor.

The most important addition to Loop Editor 2 is full support for AppleScript. AppleScript makes Loop Editor even more powerful ?by allowing you to automate complex workflows and simplify the process of working with large numbers of files.

Loop Editor is optimized for Retina displays with full support for Mac OS X Mavericks.


  • Work with all audio file formats that support Loops
  • Exports AIFF Apple Loops, compressed & uncompressed CAF (AIFF, AAC & Apple Lossless) Apple Loops, AIFF, WAV, W64 and ACID
  • Supports forward, forward-backward and backward looping as well as sustain and release loops
  • Easily edit or add all relevant loop metadata
  • Automatically add Slices with multiple beat detection methods
  • Fine tune Loop boundaries with configurable crossfades
  • Comprehensive AppleScript support including AppleScript recording
  • Quickly convert ReCycle REX & RX2 files
  • Easily diagnose and repair malformed audio files with the First Aid tool

Loop Editor 2 is available for US $29.99 in the Mac App Store.

If you’ve used Loop Editor 2, let us know what you think of it!

5 thoughts on “Loop Editor 2 ‘The Perfect Replacement For Apple Loops Utility’

  1. Their software has always been nice. Loop editor was never really necessary for me, but I really liked their Rax program for a long time. And “backline”. I always forget to check out their updates.

  2. Looks like they leveraged the tech, layout and UI from Triumph, which though it’s a quite capable program I found to be very clunky and frustrating to use. If you take to their strange style of user interaction, this is probably a good app.

  3. I felt a little burned when I bought Rax at full price, with a known bug (that rendered it somewhat useless for me), only to find out that while they were still selling it for full price they were no longer supporting it (in any real way). Too bad though, because without that bug, it would’ve been quite useful to me.

    I don’t know if they have ever done any updates to Rax. I suppose with MainStage being so cheap, they probably just dropped it.

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