ModularParts Is A Free Site For Buying & Selling Modular Synths

modularpartsModularParts is a new site for buying and selling synth modules.

It has categorizes for the major synth formats, including Eurorack, MU, MOTM, Frac, Buchla and more.

Note that the site does not provide protection against scammers.

The site notes that “ is not responsible for anything that happens to users. Use this website at your own risk.”

4 thoughts on “ModularParts Is A Free Site For Buying & Selling Modular Synths

  1. Happy nu year!

    Is there a part store who sells a complete switch/button/fader/pitch-modwheel set for refurbishing a SH101? I searching for it since a few months. Thanks for help!

    1. has replacement parts for SH-101 including a service kit with faders and pots, knobs, sliders, pitch/mod rockers, etc. Also for dozens of other classic synths.

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