Cyclop For iPad Is All About That Bass


Sugar Bytes has introduced Cyclop for iPad – a synth designed for ‘monstrous bass sounds’.

Cyclop is a monophonic synthesizer that they say does one thing very well -‘delivering cutting-edge digital madness at the low end of the frequency spectrum’.

Cyclop uses mid/side processing to introduce stereo imaging between 250Hz and 4kHz. This ensures wide, interesting sounds that retain their punch and bass. There are no phasing issues, which means Cyclop cuts through the mix very nicely.

Here is the official video intro:


  • Monophonic Bass Synthesizer
  • 6×2 Synthesiser Engines, 10×2 Filter Engines
  • Analog Sync, FM, Sample Transformer, Spectromat, Saw Regiment, Phase Stressor
  • Vowel Filter Mode
  • Free Signal Flow for 2 Oscillators, Filters and Distortions.
  • Incredibly versatile modulation system
  • Multi FX Knob/Sequencer
  • powerful Preset Browser with tagging and rating
  • Full MIDI Support (Virtual, Network, External)
  • Music Library Access (Transformer Oscillator)
  • iTunes File Sharing
  • Inter-App Audio
  • Audiobus

Here are the official audio demos:

Cyclop for iPad is available now for US $24.99.

If you’ve used Cyclop, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

via Sugar Bytes:

Cyclop, the mighty bass sythesizer from Sugar Bytes is now available on the iPad!

Enjoy endless sound-shaping fun and state-of-the-art connectivity.

Cyclop iPad Edition has nearly the full feature set of the desktop version and is yet optimized for touch.

More at

19 thoughts on “Cyclop For iPad Is All About That Bass

  1. Don’t wait! This is a steal! The vst price is way higher. I was really hoping they would release this for reasons rack extension.

    1. I get your point. Like they should just have a switchable monophonic mode. However, if the processes employed by the synth engine are particularly CPU heavy, and if a developer really was maximizing the power based on there only being one voice generated at a time, then it is justifiable.

      I think for this synth, that is probably the case– especially for an iOS device where the CPU is more limited.

      1. I think there is no doubt in anyones mind, that there are vast differences in processing power between different iPad generations.

        And when the next one is, say, another doubling of power, this will still be a monosynth. Good news to iPad 2 and 3 owners, but stupid in general.

        1. “Good news to iPad 2 and 3 owners, but stupid in general.”
          I meant:
          Indifferent news to iPad 2 and 3 owners, but stupid in principle.

        1. I like too tiny and cramped controls more, than having to browse between 10 pages of controls.

          Fortunately iPad Pro is coming to rescue lumber jack synthetists.

          1. There are other ways to have all options on one page than giving EVERYTHING its own button. This is a sad example of pigheaded skeuomorphism.

  2. I bought Cyclop about a year ago and have hardly used it. Massive and Serum are way better for making DnB/Dubstep/Electro style, modulated basses. You can get some decent results out of Cyclop, but I’m just not a huge fan of the interface or the overall sound of it. Serum has pretty much taken over for me.

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