Corsynth Intros C101 OTA Lowpass Filter MKII

c101_mkii_front_panelCorsynth’s Pablo Penas contacted us to let us know that they have released a new module in MU format, the C101 OTA Lowpass filter MKII.

The C101 OTA Lowpass filter MKII is a redesign of their first module, with several improvements and new features.

The main changes / improvements are:

  • A new first order output with a 6db / octave response. With high resonance this output will sound almost like a bandpass filter.
  • A dedicated modulation input for envelopes. This input has a 0,66 V/Octave response expanding the modulation range to 7.5 octaves using the typical 5V envelope. In case you use 10V envelopes the input response can be changed to 1V/Octave with a jumper located on the back of the module. An inverter switch has been added to easily invert the input signal.
  • A better gain compensation circuit for the 24db output. Not more volume drop when you turn up the resonance.
  • An attenuverter has been added to the resonance modulation input.
  • Better temperature compensation.

Here is an audio demo of the updated filter in action:

Key Features:

  • Two filter outputs with 6db and 24db response
  • Temperature compensated
  • Dedicated envelope input with 0.66V / Octave response with inverter
  • Filter self oscillate and can be used as VCO ( 1V/Octave )
  • Voltage controlled resonance
  • Two audio inputs one with attenuator

The Corsynth C101 OTA Lowpass Filter MKII is available for 225 € + VAT.

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