New Eurorack Module Kits Designed For Synth DIY Beginners

maker-ie-synthesizerr-kitsDIY retailer Thonk has announced that it is now carrying a new line of Euro modules that are designed for synth DIY beginners:

Dublin based have a new trio of Eurorack modular DIY kits that are focussed completely on DIY beginners.

A really nice approach and a great way to get started in modular synth DIY.

The modules include a VCA, LFO and multi-function module. They are each priced around 55 Euro.

See the Thonk site for details.

5 thoughts on “New Eurorack Module Kits Designed For Synth DIY Beginners

    1. Agree 100%.

      I have had nothing but great experiences from these guys’ shop. They also ship very quickly to the US, for those concerned about that.

      Synthcube is a US based shop that is a DiY haven as well.

  1. Excellent ..Thonk make a lot of DIY modules ,and can supply lots of customizing components including Panels .The Maker range is a good start.I customised my DSI MONO evolver with Davies1900h Knobs.Keep up the good work!

    1. This LVLS looks like a great thing.

      Some applications:

      * its attenuator can double as a dc offset, so that allows to add manual cutoff control to make noise lxd, for instance. you can unity mix offset with a cv on another section of LVLS, and that would almost transform your $110 lxd into a real filter (with a knob), plus you’d have one more lpg for plucks!

      * you could use amp section for simple waveforms to add harmonic content to sines or triangles.

      * buff mult allows to take a precision – say cv sequencer, – voltage and patch it to two oscillators, and they will remain in tune. normally voltage would drop if distributed via a passive multiple.

      * touching further on point 1, in modular world there are many vco/lfo designs where you could go above the maximum frequency with offset voltage patched in. one such example is moog mother32, where an lfo rate knob would max at 160 hz, but with dc offset could reach 600hz for deeper fm modulation. in such cases you could also desire the extended range combined with ability to modulate the rate, which could be tough to do with only 1 input. again, mix offset with CV, and problem solved!

      many people in the modular world underestimate utility modules, but I tried to show how much is possible even with most basic circuits like ones included on LVLS. I think for 6hp it is well-packed with features!

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