Conducting An Orchestra Of 24 Soviet Cars

Gestural electronic musician Anton Maskeliade let us know about his latest video, which captures a music installation and performance with an orchestra of 24 Soviet cars.

Maskeliade specializes in creating gestural audiovisual performances, using a Leap Motion as a gesture controller. 

Maskeliade performed The Car Organ at VDHKh in Moscow, Russia within The Polytech Science, Art & Technology Festival 2015.

The Car Organ is a music installation, made by Syyn Labs and The Polytechnic Museum. 24 cars, whose horns & headlights are tuned to an evenly tempered harmony, were controlled by Maskeliade`s gestures through the Leap Motion device. In the performance, Maskeliade controls the sound sequences of the horns and samples by hand movements, creating the song live. 

More examples of Maskeliade’s work are available at his site.

25 thoughts on “Conducting An Orchestra Of 24 Soviet Cars

  1. hmmm….. the idea is cool but it needs more explanation. First off, “everything controlled by hand gestures” seems like BS. There is definitely some sequencing going on. The only thing the hand gestures seem to do is change the sequence to a different chord.
    Second, it’s hard to tell what’s coming from the cars’ horns and what is already in the sequencer. Obviously the drum sounds aren’t coming from the cars, but everything else I’m not so sure. I think this would’ve benefited from a quick intro showing him operate a car at a time or something. It reminds me of modern DJs just waving their hands around while the computer does all the work. Sure, maybe the DJ’s knob tweakings here and there have some effect on the music, but how are you supposed to tell.
    As a side note, remember all those times DJ’s were caught with their midi controllers not even plugged in? Haha……DJs….

    1. Really? This comment is so full of crap and it’s been upvoted? Don’t mix EDM “djs” and proper ones please, half of the scene is coming back to vinyl and you would rarely see someone playing with their computer nowdays.

        1. Yeah, I guess over the past 5 years I’ve only ever gone to the other half of the scene where every DJ has a Laptop and Native Instruments or Serato or something connected to a computer.
          Although, my girlfriend played a great Symphony record we bought from goodwill last night. I’ll have to tell her she’s a DJ now…..

        2. Well, then you go to wrong places. I don’t even buy digital tracks anymore cause only a miniscule percentage of it is actually good music, and all underground moved back to vinyl (if they even were playing digital). Of course there is an occasional unreleased track played from a pen-drive on a CDJ, but most of the people who have respect for the work they do don’t play off a laptop.

          1. juno records for instance is just about to digitalise their WHOLE archive, …and let me asure you – there is more than enough shit released on vinyl. its just like buying analog gear doesnt make your music sound better no matter what and using digital technology doesnt make it easier (there would be way more quality stuff) and so on and so on..

  2. Joining the chorus of right minded people who think this is a cool idea executed by a tasteless hack. Such a let down! Gorgeous cars though. Would love to hear a car horn orchestra played by almost anyone else… I’ve got a hand gesture for Maskilade.

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