9 thoughts on “Repairing A MIDI Controller

  1. great vid from markus, any chance you would consider doing a few midi controller modification videos? i would like to add quality pots and pads to a korg microkontrol as the ones they supplied are crap. thanks eitherway.

    1. That’s a nice idea. I did see a mod vid where someone had wired a secondary control onto a microKey’s mod wheel– I think it was a sustain pedal jack (as the CC# can be assigned via software)

  2. I really like Markus’s videos. This was a useful one, as I recently got a similar controller. It was useful to see what’s under the hood. Also useful to hear his clearly narrated trouble-shooting process and practical thoughts on leaving that USB thing alone. Good cautionary advice, too, about not connecting it to a computer as it could damage the computer’s USB bus as well.


  3. Recently purchased a Virus B Tabletop and notice some of the newer midi controllers don’t even bother with the wall wart.

    Does anyone know if I can go from a USB in the back of the controller directly into one of those USB cell phone charger wall pieces?

    Looking at a couple $20 controllers on CL, but don’t want to have to introduce a computer just to power a controller.

    1. One thing you can do to avoid any weirdness is to use a USB cable that is power only (no data). You can connect it to a USB charger which should supply 5V but you’d need to see how much current it can provide (in mA or A), another cool option is that you can use a power bank to power your rig (as shown in the vid).

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