Orchestral Electronica On A Korg Minilogue

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Adam Borseti takes his Korg Minilogue straight into Vangelis style orchestral electronica territory, with his original song, No Excuses

The video makes impressive use of the Minilogue, demonstrating that even a budget synth like the Minilogue is full of massive possibilities.

“The video is called ‘No excuses’,” Borseti notes, “because at this point, you should have NONE.”

18 thoughts on “Orchestral Electronica On A Korg Minilogue

  1. Beautifully done. I might have wished for a more instructive camera angle than the back of the musician. Was all that done on the Minilogue?

  2. The video angle, strategically designed to hide the CS80. And the sour artist’s expression at the beginning, to hide his joyful secret! Good stuff.

  3. Hey everyone!

    1: It was multi-tracked, and the sound played in the video was a Brass patch where the Joystick controls filter cutoff
    2: It only took about 20 minutes
    3: The sounds are for sale via [email protected]
    4: I know my camera angles suck balls, but I need a longer cord!
    5: Thanks for sharing me, Synthopia!

    1. Hey Adam, are you familiar with any of the ‘synthwave’ places on FB?
      Such as Synthetix FM, or Synthwave Producers?
      If not, please check ’em out.
      You’ll most likely find more like minded people and fans.

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