Suzanne Ciani On Morton Subotnick & Buchla Modular Synthesizers

In this preview of the upcoming documentary Subotnick, composer & synthesist Suzanne Ciani talks about Morton Subotnick and their mutual connection with the Buchla modular synthesizer.

Waveshaper Media, the makers of 2014’s modular synthesizer documentary I Dream Of Wires, is currently raising funds for the production of Subotnick via an IndieGoGo campaign.

Here’s what they have to say about the film:

Waveshaper Media, the makers of 2014’s acclaimed modular synthesizer documentary “I Dream Of Wires,” is excited to announce that production is now underway for a new, official bio-documentary about revered avant-garde music composer, and electronic music pioneer, Morton Subotnick.

Through a series of candid interviews and illuminating conversations with key figures from his past and present, “Subotnick” will provide an overview of this fascinating composer’s rich life and uncompromising career.

2 thoughts on “Suzanne Ciani On Morton Subotnick & Buchla Modular Synthesizers

  1. I think Morton Subotnick – his music, anyway – is totally boring. I mentally put him in the same category as all those YouTube “Buchla Easel live jam” videos made by a dude that bought his Easel the day before. No musicality.

    In contrast, Suzanne Ciani is a star, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Alessandro Cortini are gods.

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