Free Album, Year One, Explores The Possibilities Of Augmented Reality Music

TCW has released Year One, a free augmented reality album for iOS.

Year One is an evolving, augmented reality audio composition. Upon launching the Year One app, the different sounds and instruments of the songs will populate and begin moving through the space around you. Your movement, tracked by your smartphone, affects which sounds you hear and changes how individual effects are applied to them.

TCW plans to update the app throughout the year with new music and music from other artists. TCW is looking for additional musicians interested in partnering to compose and release music for Year One; in addition, they have released a how-to guide for any musician to build their own augmented reality music apps independently.


3 thoughts on “Free Album, Year One, Explores The Possibilities Of Augmented Reality Music

  1. Oh gosh this is something.


    Just one thing dude : ditch burglar look looting a house.
    Instead wear Yogi Bear or Bugs Bunny or other comic cartoon costume (smiles + hides your face sweetly).

  2. sounds like a cool idea. unfortunately the app crashed on both my ipad air and ipad pro running the latest version of ios 10.x.
    so its not cool if all it does is crash

    1. Hey Mark—the app says it only works on ios11. I know that Apple isn’t currently letting developers specify any higher than ios10 as a minimum when releasing apps—which is really stupid.

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