New Plugin, Turbine, For ‘Virtual Engine’ Sound Design

BOOM Library has introduced Turbine, a new plugin, for Mac & Windows, designed for creative sound design with virtual engines, based on real-world counterparts.

Because it’s designed for creating sounds with virtual engines, you can change and automate parameters in real-time, to sync with video or music.

Turbine offers more than 50 presets, designed to let you design custom whooshes, pressure releases, robotics, sirens, musical FX, sci-fi elements, futuristic engines, home appliances, electric tools, flame bursts and more.

Here’s a playlist of videos that cover working with Turbine:

Pricing and Availability

Turbine (VST/AU/AAX) is available now, VST/AU/AAX, with an intro price of 149 Euro through Jan 16, 2018 (normally 179 Euro). iLok required.

6 thoughts on “New Plugin, Turbine, For ‘Virtual Engine’ Sound Design

  1. Fantastic idea & execution! I really like how i.e. siren sound can be emulated and customized.
    Can’t wait to play with demo and see what else can be achieved with this thing. So much possibilities…

    I hope more tools of this kind will eventualy come out. IMHO idea of

  2. you guys might be able to use iLok without the dongle, i have the dongle but using the iLok application it always gives the option to have the license on my computer or the dongle, it might be that the dongle is a convenience for people with different work stations, worth looking into.

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