Novation Explores Circuit on March 15 Beats and Bytes Livestream

The Novation Circuit groove box is the focus of the next installment of the company’s Beats and Bytes Facebook live program on March 15.

Beats and Bytes is a monthly show where participants can watch in-depth product demos with tips and tricks, hear the latest sound packs, and ask questions.

Novation Circuit is a standalone groovebox with two Nova heritage synths and a four-part drum machine. Learn how to get started with a simple groove, and follow along as Circuit experts show features from the latest firmware updates.

Novation US’ Marketing Manager, Taylor Morken, says, “Circuit has been one of our most-requested products for a Beats and Bytes livestream, so we are expecting a very engaged audience.”

The Beats and Bytes Facebook Livestream featuring Circuit, is happening Thursday, March 15, at the new time of time of 12:00 PM PST.

Links to archived previous Beats and Bytes events, and a look ahead at upcoming programs, are on the Novation website.

5 thoughts on “Novation Explores Circuit on March 15 Beats and Bytes Livestream

  1. I have to disagree with the desire for “Circuit PRO”. I’m slow to purchase new gear. I watched the circuit from the beginning. It seemed promising at first , but on release it appeared to fall short. However at this point, and after all of the updates it has gone far beyond my expectations. I’ll admit that it wasn’t until the last update that I bit the bullet and purchased a Circuit, but it has a lot of capabilities.

    My hope it that it continues to be supported, and that the Components App, and website continue to provide useful content.

    In short, I feel there’s quite a bit left to offer from this unit. I get the appeal of the new, but I don’t know that there is a necessity.

    1. The Circuit is fun, sounds great but is also very very limited and a pain in the butt if you wanna create some serious songs with it. (I had about 5 of them over the years).

      A Circuit PRO will sell extremely well for Novation that’s a given if you followed all the comments on social media. The original Circuit can still be sold right next to the PRO version.

    2. I think there’s room for a Circuit Pro – still stand-alone and independent from a computer, still very hands-on, and still very easy to use & pick-up.

      For all that it’s great fun, the current circuit is limited: patch editing, no display, limited pattern chaining & transposition, limited storage etc.

      So I’d be quite tempted at a device costing 50% more and offering a lot more features.

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