Film Score Created With Caustic For Android

Android, despite being the top mobile operating system, hasn’t taken off as a music platform, like iOS. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used to make music.

Time Elapses – A Journey is a short time-lapse film, that features a soundtrack created on Android. The track, titled Moonlight Mood, is by Nishit Gajjar, who composed it in Caustic for Android.

Why Android, The #1 Mobile Platform, Won’t Get Great Music Apps


Latency problems with audio on Android have long been recognized as a barrier to the development of music software on the platform. Android developers have had to fight with audio latency that can be 50 times as long as it is on iOS, making many types of music apps unusable.

That’s not the only problem facing Android music app developers, though. Mobile analytics firm Open Signal reports that two other issues are growing problems for Android developers: device fragmentation and OS fragmentation.

Device fragmentation, illustrated by the patchwork quilt of thousands of Android devices above, means that buyers “can get exactly the phone they want – big or small, cheap or expensive, with any number of different feature combinations”.

To app developers, though, device fragmentation means that their apps need to work on a rapidly growing number of unique devices. Last year, Open Signal identified about 4,000 unique Android devices. This year, that number had tripled. Continue reading

LivKontrol Launches First Ableton Live Remote Controller for Android

pictureImaginando has recently launched an Android-friendly version of its LIVKONTROL Ableton Live controller. The company says this is “the world’s first dedicated Ableton Live remote controller for Android.”

The controller has a simple-yet-functional interface, and all the main control features are at a distance of a finger. Alternative application views are toggled via multi-touch gestures for a simpler user experience.

LIVKONTROL also works as an Ableton Live remote controller for mobile devices, with its plug-and-play connection to Ableton Live, using LKBRIDGE. Continue reading

TouchOSC Now Available For Android & Updated For iOS

touchosc-androidHexler has release a new version of TouchOSC, a customizable multi-touch music controller app, and it’s now available for both iOS and Android.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.9:

  • Support for iPhone5
  • Support for custom layout sizes
  • Support for more MIDI message types (All controls now support Control Change, Note, Program Change, Poly Pressure, Channel Pressure and Pitch Bend messages)
  • Added XY control MIDI mapping mode (Placing 2 or 3 fingers on the control will send only x or y messages)
  • New iPhone5 layout: Automat5
  • Fixed handling of UTF-8 encoded strings in both application and editor
  • Fixed naming issues with virtual CoreMIDI connections (iOS)
  • Removed support for MIDIMobilizer Mk I (Please use a CoreMIDI compatible accessory, i.e. MIDIMobilizer Mk II, instead)

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NanoStudio Adds AudioBus Support

nano-studio-audiobusDeveloper Blip Interactive has updated NanoStudio, adding AudioBus support and more.

Here’s what’s new in NanoStudio 1.4:

  • Audiobus support for input (sampling) and output (main mix)
  • Virtual MIDI inputs for note and controller data
  • MIDI input transpose
  • 4 extra banks for your Eden presets
  • Fixed ‘empty sample’ bug when pasting from some Waldorf apps

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FL Studio Mobile For Android Now Available

Image Line Software has announced that FL Studio Mobile For Android is now available from the Google Play store.

FL Studio Mobile allows you to create and save complete multi-track music projects on your Android phone or tablet device. You can also load the FL Studio Mobile projects into the ‘FL Studio Desktop PC’ version.

Here are the details: Continue reading