Arturia MiniBrute Overview

This video, via Uniquesquared, takes a look at the Arturia MiniBrute synthesizer.

The MiniBrute was one of most popular introductions from last year’s NAMM Show, packing a huge number of features into a one-oscillator analog monosynth. With a street price around US $500, the MiniBrute’s biggest limitation seems to be availability.

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Interstellar Suite Getting 25th Anniversary Surround Sound Mix & More

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At the 2012 NAMM Show, I had the opportunity to talk with composers Amin Bhatia and Dave Gross about a project that they were starting – a surround sound version of Bhatia’s orchestral electronica classic, The Interstellar Suite.

Bhatia is probably best known for his soundtrack work for television, film and iMax projects, including Flashpoint, Iron Eagle II, and John Woo’s Once A Thief.

But Bhatia kicked off his career with an orchestral electronica album, The Interstellar Suite, that was inspired in part by his love of the soundtracks of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith and in part by the classitronica works of synthesists like Isao Tomita. The suite features 9 sections, orchestrated for layers of synthesizers (Roland JX 10; Yamaha TX 816; Oberheim Expander; and a Minimoog) and a pair of crash cymbals.

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The Akai Pro Max49 Control Keyboard (In-Depth Sneak Preview)

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Akai Pro just released this series of videos, which take an in-depth look at the Max49 USB MIDI/CV Keyboard Controller.

The Akai Pro Max49 was one of the most interesting introductions at this year’s NAMM Show, because it offers a unique combination of MPC pads, LED faders and control voltage output.

The first video, above, offers an introduction to the main features of the Max49.

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The Arturia MiniBrute Synthesizer Is ‘An Amazing Little Beast’

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Sweetwater’s Daniel Fisher takes a look at a prototype of the new Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer, which was one of the most exciting introductions at this year’s NAMM Show.

Fisher takes a thorough walkthrough of its parameters and features, with plenty of audio demos. The Minibrute can be controlled with CV, MIDI, or USB-MIDI, and it’s even got an external audio input that lets you run signals through the multi-mode filter and amplifier sections.

via SweetwaterSound

Studio Logic Sledge Polyphonic Synth At Musikmesse 2012

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The Studio Logic Sledge synthesizer made its Musikmesse debut this week.

The Sledge is a new polyphonic keyboard, based on Waldorf’s sound engine.

Here’s a quick demo, from the Musikmesse show floor, that highlights the Sledge’s user interface, synthesis capabilities and offers an intro to the new synth’s sound.

Details are available at the StudioLogic site.

via sonicstate

PreSonus QMix Lets You Control Your Mix With An iPhone, Lets Everybody Have ‘More Me’

At the 2012 NAMM ShowPreSonus introduced a new iPhone (and iPod Touch) app for remotely controlling monitor mixes for up to 10 musicians, using the PreSonus StudioLive products.

QMix works by networking one or more iPhones wirelessly with a Mac or PC, enabling QMix to remotely access Virtual StudioLive to control one or more FireWire-connected StudioLive mixers.

As each iPhone connects to the network, its copy of QMix will “discover” all StudioLive mixers on the network, letting each musician create their own aux mix that includes all mixer channels. QMix also gives the StudioLive engineer the capability to set permissions, so that each iPhone on the network only controls a specified mix.

Enough with the blah, blah, blah, though. It’s all about you, isn’t it? Check out the rather awesome PreSonus Qmix intro video, which explains how the free app lets you have ‘more me’.

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WMD Devices New Modules For Eurorack Modular Synths

Here’s another look at new Eurorack modules from the 2012 NAMM Show, featuring modular synth & effects pedal manufacturer WMD Devices.

WMD Devices had these Eurorack synth modules on display:

  • Phase Displacement Oscillator – a hybrid digital analog VCO with frequency ranging from 5 mins up to 10kHz
  • Synchrodyne is a voltage controlled filter which uses a switched capacitor core with an analog phase locked loop system VCO for 0 hZ to 800kHz.
  • Micro Hadron Collider is a dual VCF with an integrated mixer to pit the two sides against each other producing complex waveshapes and artfully sculpted timbres.
  • Buffered Multiple with LED indicators for pos/neg readout

Pricing and availability for WMD’s new synth modules is to be announced.

Video via Sonic State