Final Bliptronome Kit Order

Stray Technologies has announced pre-orders for the final run of its Bliptronome conversion kit for the Bliptronic 5000.

The ThinkGeek Bliptronome 5000 is a fun 8×8 matrix synthesizer. The Bliptronome kit includes everything you need to convert a Bliptronic 5000 to a fully working Arduinome style open-source Monome clone controller.

The kit includes:

  • PCB
  • FTDI (usb-to-serial) cable
  • programmed Atmega microcontroller
  • electronic parts
  • potentiometers
  • ribbon cable
  • connectors,
  • extensive instructions.(no Arduino needed!)

Tools needed:

  • Soldering iron, solder, screw driver, xacto-blade, and wire strippers (hot glue gun recommended).
  • 2-3 hour building time for an intermediate kit builder.

The Bliptronome kit is $64.70 at the Stray Technologies site.

Turn A $50 Bliptronic 5000 Into A Monome Controller

YouTube Preview Image

The monome 64 music controller sells for $500 and is only available in limited quantities, which has limited its adoption.

This could change quickly, though.

Stray Technologies’ Wil Lindsay has created a working port of Arduinome 3.2 software, a Arduino-based monome clone, controlled by the $50 Bliptronic 5000.

It’s a work in progress, but it means that it should soon be possible to build a monome-compatible device for under $100. Continue reading

Arduinome 128 Demo

YouTube Preview Image

This is a demo video of an Arduinome 128 (80h), a DIY monome clone.

If you’ve built an Arduinome, or if you have info on it, leave a comment!

Arduinonome Resources:

Continue reading

Arduinome, A Monome Clone

A demo of two Arduinome (Monome clone) controllers controlling Nerdscroll.

One clone is using button pads from SparkFun, the other is using the original Monome buttonpads.

This is an interesting side-effect of the Monome design’s open nature. Getting more people involved with hacking on this idea is sure to bring the costs down and help establish this as a platform for music.